The art of preparing for your dream job


Organizations spend quality time and resources towards looking for great candidates to fill strategic positions. It is a win-win situation when you prepare yourself to fit into their peg hole.

Make yourself the preferred candidate, tick most boxes, not just on your resume but practically.

Preparedness and being intentional with your career journey is indispensable in achieving career success and fulfillment. There are numerous ways to prepare for your dream job but an effective method is expatiated below:


The phrase “Begin with the end in mind” comes into play when preparing your self for a dream job whether starting off in your career or transitioning to a new job or career path.

To fill a position you need to be the best candidate, to be the best candidate, you need to meet most, if not all of the requirements. Be proactive in meeting requirements for your dream job, research similar job positions in the current market and benchmark your skills and qualifications.

Also, research the industry you want to play in and try to deduce changes and directions of requirements and qualifications needed. It is ineffective to gain qualifications that may go obsolete in the nearest future due to innovations and technology.

Research is creating new knowledge ~ Neil Armstrong

Self development:

Applied information is knowledge. It may not be enough to know the requirements and skills needed for a job or career path, application is needed.

How knowledgeable  you are by the time you begin applications for or transition into a new job or career is very instrumental in getting you that dream job.

Again this relates to being very intentional about your career as well as other facets of your life, continuous learning and development is required for excellence.

when you stop learning you start dying ~ Albert Einstein


Associate with people in similar career paths or fields and industries as the case may be.

They most likely may not give you the dream job but can proffer advice based on experience and paths they have treaded. They would give you an insight on certain unspoken requirements and assets required for your dream job. If fortunate, they can connect you to your dream job!

 Your network is your net worth

The phrase possesses some truth, your career journey would be a tad easier with an effective network. Also, it is very important to invest in people and relationships genuinely and not only for parasitic purposes.

A practical example:

Dream job/career path:  Operations analyst


  • Research job sites and professional networks like Linkedin, Indeed, workopolis, naijahotjobs, joblistnigeria e.t.c., for operations analyst positions.
  • Determine the job descriptions and requirements and review the required qualifications and skills set that are needed for the job or career path.
  • Rate your current skills and qualifications and device means to meet up requirements.
  • Also, research future changes in the operations analyst field, get insights on how to remain relevant as an operations analyst even in the nearest future. Stay abreast on the industry and field.

Self development

  • Engage in strategic self development exercises. Become knowledgeable in the field of operations analysis.
  • Study and get required certifications and qualifications.
  • Take up voluntary or paid internships as an operations analyst or shadow someone on the job.


  • Connect with people in similar positions or those who have occupied similar positions as operations analysts and learn about spoken and unspoken details as regards that career path.
  • Review the educational and career paths of your direct and indirect network.
  • Benchmark against your current skills, experience and qualifications.
  • Strategize on ways to close the gaps.

Most importantly, stay hopeful and do not relent. Hard work and persistence sure pay off in the end.

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